Siege of Neverwinter event guide

Hello guys,

We approach a very rare and rewarding ingame event: Siege of Neverwinter. In this guide I want to describe what can be gained from it and how to achieve it.

Siege of Neverwinter normally can be seen only 1-2 times per year and it lasts for 2 weeks. It’s scheduled to start next Thursday (29th NOV) after maintainance. During that time a new event location (scalable to level 60, so doable by any level) will appear. In that location you will be presented with the following rewards:

-Griffon epic mount
-Battle Medic epic companion
-Champion Charger rare mount
-Dye packs
-and, probably most important, tones of stronghold vouchers that can be traded for marks and expand the guild very fast

Ok, how to do that. First of all go to our Stronghold and speak to master of coin. She’ll give you a quest for the event. There will be a battlefield location on the world map. Go there and do quests. You get majority of rewards from the quests and doing heroics encounter there. Griffon is easy to get, however, you need to do daily quests 14 times. That means you need to do it EVERY DAY for the span of the event (it takes maybe 3 minutes a day). What is also noteworthy, you can do it on unlimited number of charactes. Last year I got 7 epic griffons from that ;). They’re bound to character, so don’t spend that extra AD in your mind.

The important part, which is farming vouchers requires a bit different approach. To put it simple you run arround and kill stuff. There’s a set one-digit % chance from any mob to drop a voucher. Vouchers are blue quality, so they provide a decent number of currency for the guild (and marks for you).
One clever strategy is to find a reasonably empty instance and hunt for one of bigger heroics encounters. One of them is defending the camp, second is something to do with cultist assault. In both cases kill mobs, and don’t kill the leaders so small mobs spawn constantly in set places. That’s the approach I used the last time and it worked brilliant.

Of course there’s no strict target to do. Participate in that when you feel like it. I normally spend around 30 mintes a day on farming. Personally I hate farming, but as I said that’s a very uncommon and rewaring event 🙂

Have fun

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