Class guides – links to outside sources

In this post you may find links to class guides written by different authors Control Wizard (mod 15)

Siege of Neverwinter event guide

Hello guys, We approach a very rare and rewarding ingame event: Siege of Neverwinter. In this guide I want to describe what can be gained from it and how to achieve it. Siege of Neverwinter normally can be seen only 1-2 times per year and it lasts for 2 weeks. It's scheduled to start next … Continue reading Siege of Neverwinter event guide

Gear priorieties -how to get to 12k without guild boons

Today's presentation is about progressing our characters at level 70. First of all, you need to know that due to specific business model of NWO it is not a fast process. It consumes a lot of time and astral diamonds, so my advice not to get frustrated is: don't have expectations but enjoy the road … Continue reading Gear priorieties -how to get to 12k without guild boons

Building our future -Stronghold development guide

Hello adventurers! Today's guide is going to be about Stronghold: construction of structures and our strategy do do it. First of all, if you don't know that already, guid Stronghold is accesible from world map and can be found in the upper right corner. Why is Stronghold so important? Not only it looks cool and … Continue reading Building our future -Stronghold development guide

Starting PvE – Knowing your role in a team

Hello, I today's post I'd like to discuss PvE (player vs environment, so basically dungeons and skirmishes) gameplay so you know what is your responsibility in a team and how to compose a good team that will allow you to complete a dungeon without frustration. First thing you need to know is that classical roles … Continue reading Starting PvE – Knowing your role in a team